The Penny

Find our all you ever wanted to know about the penny board!


It’s getting close to the end of the semester for me. Thus, lots of school work is becoming due, and tests coming up. With all this I recently became interested in FOREX trading. But, you’re not here for trading or tests are you? So, let’s get to what matters, The long boards!

Well kind of, Today I will write about the board that had been most used by me recently. You might have guessed it, it’s none other then the penny board. Why the penny you might ask? well let’s just say today when I woke up it was 18 degrees. Because of which I have been stuck inside doing lots of school work. So, when it does become nice I can go out and board with no worries whatsoever.


The Penny board I have is The Boss Board this is 22 inches of plastic boarding power. I never had…

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