Don’t Be Afraid of the Green Juice


My green juice overfloweth! I got a little out of control this morning with my juice! I hated wasting the green goodness! (Recipe below)

The latest craze…JUICE…I know it can sound and look scary, but once you have your first drink, you won’t believe 1. How delicious it is! And 2. How energized your body feels after just one glass! This is my favorite juice to start beginners on, they are always hesitant to taste it, but are 99% of the time pleasantly surprised that they like it. Now, this does require a juicer, and yes they can be expensive, but I have two really nice juicers a Breville and a Jack Lalanne power juicer, I got both of these at a Goodwill for less than $10. If you don’t want to invest in a juicer just yet, you can use a blender to simply blend all the ingredients, it will definitely be a different consistency than the juice, and honestly probably be harder to drink if you are new to all this, but will still make you feel just as healthy!

Simple Recipe

1 cucumber

2 green apples (seeds removed)

1” Ginger

4 Stalks of celery

½ Lemon peeled

1 C. Kale