Demmi’s Designs


Are you looking for a new art piece for your home? Head on over to Demmi’s Designs and check out her latest work. She has some art for sale, but what is unique about this website is you can send your personal photos to her, and she will create an original of your photo on a canvas!


The Double Drop


I was on a church mission for two years in Mexico. During which time I didn’t have a long board. However, that didn’t stop me from thinking about it!  When thinking about my drop though Sector 9 and drop down boards I had seen. I had the idea of why not combine the two to be even lower to the ground? Thankfully I wasn’t the first to think of such.


As seen in the illustration to the left, there are four main types of mounts of the trucks to be attached. It goes from highest from the ground (top) to lowest (bottom). In another post about my first long board. My first ever experience with a long board was a pin-tail top-mount, which felt way to high for me. However, it is all about personal feeling. Because of which, you will always see me favoring lower boards.

When I…

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Tinder Etiquette

mormon tinderella.

You might be asking yourself what is Tinder etiquette for Mormons? Are there differences? The answer is no not really, maybe just weird cheesy, awkward guys/girls who really don’t know how to flirt. To experiment a couple of my friends and I (boys & girls) made Tinders, I mean how can you write a blog about Tinder and Mormons if you aren’t on Tinder? So lets just say we got some interesting pick up lines. What are these guys/girls thinking?!? The cheesier the better? These people couldn’t just go with a simple “Hey, how are you?” as which you can respond in two ways; “good,” which makes you sound like the most boring person to live or “I just got back from the gym! And now I’m just sitting here (:.” So in other words. Tinder is awkward. Even in the real world, which means for Mormons it is…

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Mystery Smoothies

IMG_1396.JPGThe mystery smoothie challenge was a lot of fun! Usually I would be creating delicious new recipes for my friends to try, but I wanted to try something different today. My adventurous friends brought over a bunch of random ingredients, I then blended up three different smoothies, and they had to guess what was in the smoothies. The catch? We didn’t have normal smoothie ingredients, we had things like spicy pork rinds, sour patch kids, ranch, easter candy. You have to see Landon’s reaction to smoothie #2, I’ve watched it so many times, and I still laugh every. single. time. Have a laugh for yourself… Mystery Smoothies



How low can you go?

For those of you that have read my other posts, you know that I like my boards low. Is there a point where it is just to low?

I was looking online at boards and came across this picture. I just took the picture from my laptop screen, I wasn’t thinking I would ever have a Blog.  IMAG0741

Well, I just came back from a year at college and was looking for jobs. So, I had some spare time to fill. I wanted to make what they called a “Hellaflush” board. I just so happened to have a skate board I hadn’t used in years in the basement somewhere. After looking for an hour or so I found it! My spider-man board that was bought at Toys-R-Us many years ago. It was in no way a high quality board so I got down to work. I…

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